Julius Fondem is a game producer located in Malmö, Sweden. He has worked in game production, project management, PR and marketing on numerous projects of varying sizes. Currently Julius is working at Avalanche Studios, as an Associate Producer on Second Extinction.

Before that he was as an Associate Producer on Trials Rising, a Project Manager on Steep, and before that he worked on Trials of the Blood Dragon. These projects have had him working on production, project management, project coordination and the closing of the projects. On top of this, he's worked on a few unannounced projects at Ubisoft.

Earlier in his career, Julius worked as Producer at Critical Force Entertainment which put him in charge of the production, project management and quality of the game with the given resources of Company of Tanks, and at Frozenbyte as Marketing Developer where he was in charge of the production, project management and PR & marketing of Huge Seal, and part of the PR and marketing efforts of Trine 2: Complete Story for PS4.

Julius has a Bachelor's degree in Video Game Production and Business from Kajaani University of Applied Sciences. During his studies, he worked as the CEO of the game development student run cooperative, Kajak Games. As CEO, Julius headed and managed a game development cooperative with 3 fellow students, generated leads and closed work-for-hire projects for fellow students, planned and implemented the cooperative’s business strategy and budget, and represented Kajak Games at multiple events, including Assembly 2012 and NPP Annual Conference.

Julius has been passionate about video games ever since he got a NES as a kid. He wants to work with passionate people with varying backgrounds and make games that leave a lasting impression on players.