Super Happy Curling

Super Happy Curling is a frantic 4-player local multiplayer curling game where your aim is to shoot your stones as close to the target as possible while trying to push your opponents' stones away from it.

We made the game in Game Maker Studio together with my friend Samuli Jääskeläinen for Ludum Dare over a weekend. I worked on the overall design of the game, gameplay design, and programming together with Samuli. I also did the UI design and programming.

Super Happy Curling is available for free on Itch.

The Sequel

The Sequel is a noir themed interactive short story where you follow a detective's mission to find out what happened in the previous game. Grim clues, surprise twists, suspicious people to interrogate. Get to the bottom of this mystery.

I worked on this game together with my friends Sanni Honkanen and Noora Kaskia for Global Game Jam 2018. We made the game in Twine and I did all the programming and project management, and I wrote the game together with Noora.

The Sequel is available for free on Itch.

Mind & Heart

Mind & Heart is an interactive short story about choosing which side of yourself you should listen to. You play as Caroline who has been offered a new job at prestigious law firm, but she is unsure whether she should accept the job offer or not.

I made the game over a weekend together with my friend Aromatic Fennel. We made the game in Twine and I took care of the programming and we worked on the story and writing together.

Mind & Heart is available for free on Itch.

From Within

From Within is an interactive short story about the troubles of a couple's relationship. I made the game by myself for Global Game Jam 2017 using Twine. I did all the programming, design and writing for the game.

From Within is available for free on the Global Game Jam website.